YES Awareness Drive
YES team  reaches out to various schools across the city and engages with kids from class 4th-7th in batches to spread out the message of energy conservation, making it fun and interactive. Kids are introduced to the topic of energy conservation through interesting AVs and presentations. The session is followed by a comical theatre performance and the YES anthem.

Kids are given full creative freedom to express their thoughts on energy conservation through various fun contests like  Painting and Art Contest. The winners are felicitated at the Grand Finale of the campaign.

Plant your seed
Today, when global warming is at it’s peak, we, at YES encourage kids to plant more and more trees. Kids will be provided with a packets of seeds, which they need to plant and send in the pictures after a period of time. The best and the healthiest plant will win the contest and will be felicitated at the grand finale.
Hunt for the Young Energy Hero is on

Theatre Workshops
We believe, there is an artist in every kid. Kids from over 25 schools will be selected through theatre and acting workshops, performing in groups. The final event will be judged by known and famous celebrities from the industry and the best act will be awarded during the Grand FInale of the campaign.

Run-To-Save – Grand Finale
The award ceremony takes place during this one day runathon. Run-to-Save Runathon witnesses thousands of kids and parents running for the cause of conservation. Kids are encouraged and motivated by various known celebrities joining them every year. The Runathon is followed by the Award Ceremony, where the best schools and activities are felicitated with awards and certificates.