Be A Young Energy Hero!

The history of our planet dates back to billions of years where evolution started. From a single cell to a fully functional vertebrates, we humans have been exploiting this planet’s resources since forever. Here, the population growth is higher than the available resources. We are getting more and more dependent on daily tech and gadgets. Where a day of power cut is worse than a nightmare, imagining a future without energy is just too scary. We believe, the world needs a Young Energy Hero, someone who understands the significance of energy and energy conservation.


Nominate and help your kid win exciting prizes for doing good for Mother Earth.


Does your kid has it in him/ her to be a young energy hero?

Terms and Conditions
  1. We are looking for Heroes who are 9-15 years old.
  2. The nominees should be based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  3. Only parents or legal guardians can nominate.
  4. The Young Energy Hero will be selected on the basis of total votes
  5. The final winner will be chosen by the YES team.