Journey of YES

  In the year 2009, the brilliant concept of Young Energy Savers was born. Since this initiative by the Adani Electricity has successfully reached out to millions of kids and has grown into a community of young and energetic energy conservers. Here’s a walkthrough of the amazing journey of YES.
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YES went Radio with Auro
BIG 92.7 FM featured YES’s campaign voiced by Auro

Silver Award
for Best Calendar Design, Goafest 2010

YES goes Digital
YES branched out on various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc.

The YES Anthem
A special energy saving anthem was composed for YES

Run-to-Save Runathon
A 2 km long runathon saw over 400 students and 80 parents running for

Run to Give – 996 Kms donated
Kids ran on treadmill and each km led to donation of Solar Powered Lamps in remote areas across the country.

Guinness World Record
308 kids dressed as trees

Silver at IDMA Awards
for My Pet Planet – YES FB App

Reduce Carbon Footprint
was followed to spread the word about effects of carbon footprints on the planet

1500 Young Energy
Savers participated in the annual Run-to-Save Runathon

Asian Consumer Engagement Award
YES Facebook page also won the ‘Asian Customer Engagement Award’ for the category ‘Successful Use of CSR’ in the year 2014

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