We Are
Young Energy Savers

How It All Began?
It all began with a tiny little thought of saving the mighty earth from extinction. The level of energy that mankind has been consuming will lead to nothing but a terrible future. The real power to save the world rests in the minds and imaginations of young incorruptible fresh minds. Young Energy Savers or ‘YES’ as it is popularly known is not just an idea, it shines brightly across 220 schools and lakhs of homes in Mumbai. Powered by the little stars of tomorrow, YES initiative is of Adani Electricity.

Workshops and Activities

Energy conservation made fun and entertaining with various theatre workshops and creative activities like painting, essay writing etc.


Young Energy Savers ran on treadmills to donate solar lamps to remotes parts of the nation. Adani Electricity added Rs. 100/Km covered by the Young Energy Savers.

Run-To-Save Runathon

Run for a better future. YES organises an Annual Run-To-Save Runathon to spread and amplify the energy conservation awareness.

Did you know, dim and darker backgrounds are energy efficient?

Hunt For The Young Energy Hero Is On