Young Energy Savers Program

Who are Young Energy Savers?
It all began with a tiny little thought of saving the mighty earth from extinction. The level of energy that mankind has been consuming will lead to nothing but a disaster. The real power to save the world rests in the minds and imaginations of next generation. Young Energy Savers or ‘YES’ – a Adani Electricity initiative – as it is popularly known is not just an idea, it shines brightly across 220 schools and lakhs of homes in Mumbai.

Yes Journey
YES has successfully reached out to millions of kids and has grown into a community of young and energetic energy conservers. Here’s a walkthrough of the amazing journey of YES.

Be a Young Energy Hero!
  • Energy Saving Quotient 92%
  • Recycling Skills 85%
  • Turns Off The Lights Before Leaving The Room 95%
Nominate and help your kid win exciting prizes for doing good for Mother Earth. Let the world know that he / she is a Young Energy Hero


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